Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disney V

Last in Fantasyland was Peter Pan’s Flight and while this attraction is nice, it’s more a once a trip attraction. Even if the DAS worked perfectly, it still wouldn’t have helped. In this ride, the vehicles symbolize Peter Pan and you literally fly over the scenery; London, Neverland, etc. All the DAS would have accomplished is telling me what I can’t really see beneath me.

First up in Tomorrowland was BuzzLightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This attraction involves shooting at aliens and spaceships from a moving ride vehicle. You’re on a training flight with Buzz. If you thought I wouldn’t like this attraction, you’d be incorrect. The reason comes from the fact that I can score points and have absolutely no clue what I’m shooting at. Mark does sometimes point things out but he has his own targets; he usually wins. I actually beat one of my parents once, on another trip. I never repeated that feat but I still very much like the ride.

We tried the new Stitch attraction next but it wasn’t that good. It was funny but it was geared more towards little kids. It involves a teleportation incident and they accidently teleport an alien in. The alien breaks out and runs around the theater; the lights have gone out so all this is done in the dark. Next is another new attraction, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. This attraction is somewhat funny but also somewhat lost on the visually-impaired. The jokes are alright, not hilarious, and there are apparently captions scrolling around the theatre from time to time. The cast members operating the monsters pick several guests out by camera to make jokes at their expense from time to time. Space Mountain was closed for renovation and the Tomorrowland transit authority was closed also. I wanted to try that, to see what it was like because I never had before. My favorite attraction in this land would have to be BuzzLightyear.

Since we had been up very early, it was decided to go back to the hotel. I wasn’t really part of the decision because I would’ve happily stayed until the park closed; in case you haven’t realized by now, I really like Walt Disney World. Everyone else said they were tired or some such nonsense, so poor old me had to come along. We boarded the bus to go back to Pop Century. As I said before the buses always had instrumental music playing. One time I remember they were playing the Titanic soundtrack; can’t remember what song it was.

We arrived back at the hotel, me reluctantly, got our bags from the cage; Kane was the attendant this time, and went to our room. We didn’t unpack at that moment but instead headed for the food court. The food court is in the main building, as I said earlier and it is very large. At Disney hotels, you can get refillable cups for $7 each or something. They come in a regular variety and a coffee cup. I didn’t think I would get one because I didn’t know if the machine would have water but it did. I hope everyone is enjoying their tour so far.

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