Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney III

We began our day at the park by going to City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A, where we got a card that allowed my party and I to use alternate entrances, sit up front for shows or have better views for parades and fireworks. On our 2003 trip, a cast member actually told us about the card and we got it that time. That was near the end of the trip so it wasn’t much help but it was this time. I also asked about a new descriptive audio system that my mother and brother had heard about but the cast member at City Hall didn’t seem to know what we were talking about. She thought I meant the captioning system they have, which would have been of immense help to me. I understand what the captioning system is for; it’s just that I’d think it would have been blatantly obvious, since I was standing there with a white cane, that that would not help.

We left City Hall and went on Thunder Mountain, I can’t see the village set that’s supposed to be ride scenery but I could more eco-locate parts of it. I could hear parts of it and that would give a direction in which to look. Anyway it’s a rollercoaster that goes fast, so how much does one really need to see. Splash Mountain was next up, my tour guide, Mark, pointed out Brer everything but there was also a voiceover of the whole attraction; kind of like the narrator in a story which is always better. My motto on Splash Mountain is, “The Wetter, The Better”.

Pirates of the Caribbean came next and then Jungle Cruise before lunch. Pirates is cool, the ride’s story takes place over a bit wider an area than Splash, so I can’t see as much but it’s all indoor. There is still plenty to see close up: pirates chasing villagers, jailed pirates trying to tempt the dog with the keys to come near them and a pirate with a furry leg dangling over a bridge. Jungle Cruise is alright but I can’t see all that much because it’s mostly outside and the guide who drives the boat is usually very corny, sometimes I actually hear a popping sound but when I look around there’s no microwave.

The indoor or mostly indoor attractions are ideal for me but when it gets darker or is cloudy I can see more on the outdoor attractions. With it being very sunny in the daytime outdoor attractions really don’t work too well; it also takes me longer to adjust from light to dark.

We went to Crystal Palace for lunch. The decor is like a normal buffet style restaurant but, being Disney, there is more space. There are also the characters, four of them: Pooh, my favorite, yes, more than Mickey and I have the wonderful adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. We had gotten all their autographs, scrawls really, on a previous trip so we got pictures with them. The thing is I can actually spot them from far away, relative to me, because they are big and brightly colored. I like being able to spot things because I so seldom can where everything is just ordinary. We finished our lunch and bade farewell to Pooh and the gang.

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